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Here I'll try to provide step-by-step explanation of how to use this library and tool. Surely, if you want to use it, you need have Java installed (Only JRE for tool and whole JDK for library). Ask google about these abbreviations if you need more info.

Running command-line tool

Download frej.jar and try to run it:

$ java -jar frej.jar

Since you have not give the pattern which should be used, you shall receive short example of usage:

Pattern should be specified. Example:
  java -jar frej.jar "(give,(#)~A,(^doll*,buck*,usd))|got_$A_dollars"
    give 5 dollars
    giv 70 bucks
    gave 1000 usd

Ok. Now you at least know that you can run the utility.

Parsing input lines

Let us try to run some simple example and watch how utility process input:

$ java -jar frej.jar "(^(barack,(?h*),obama)|44-th,(=george,washington)|1-st,((^abraham,abe),lincoln)|16-th)~A|$A_president_of_USA"

After utility starts, it awaits for input lines. Let us try some variants (yellow text describes answers which gave frej.jar):

Barack Obama
44-th president of USA
Barak Boama
44-th president of USA
Barrac Obamah
44-th president of USA
Gorge Woshingtone
1-st president of USA
Washignton Goerg
washignton Georg
1-st president of USA
Barack Hussein Obama
44-th president of USA
Vladimir Putin
Abe Linkonl
16-th president of USA
Ab Linkoln
Abbe Linkoln
16-th president of USA
Avraam Lncoln
16-th president of USA

Here we see, that we can use FREJ to describe simple "recognize-and-substitute" functionality. You may note the following points:

Some more abilities

Formatting patterns using extended syntax

That is how example with presidents could look if pattern is placed in separate file:

    (barack, {?h*}, obama)
        | 44-th,
    (= george, washington)
        | 1-st,
    ( {^ abraham, abe}, lincoln)
        | 16-th
    | $A_president_\rof_U\_S\_A

Using library

If one need to use the project as library, not stand-alone tool - one only need to add frej.jar to classpath and create instances of class frej.Regex, specifying necessary patterns. Then one can test and replace strings with methods match, getReplacement and others. Download javadocs and find out which helpful methods this class could offer you.